Tattoos for Women
American Indian

American Indian tattoos exhibit many different design advantages and can show a very loyal devotion to Native American values and ideas. Many of these distinctive tattoos are can be seen as rank within a tribe or as a general symbol of status, but more likely than not these tattoos are displaying a woman's cultural ties to her line of ancestry and show an association to her tribal roots.

Native American tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular in the mainstream because of the beautiful artwork and images associated with different Native American cultures. The most commonly seen tattoos in this style are of nature designs or animals. With the Indian spirit also playing an important role within the culture, a dreamcatcher symbol or astrological design and can represent steadiness in changing times. The wolf is probably the single most important Native American animal and tattoo seen today, with meanings varying from anger to peace and ferocious to friendly it can cover an entire range of emotions.

With such power and respect behind these symbolic cultural tattoos, they can bring us all a little closer to understanding nature and the harmony of the human spirit. 
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