Tattoos for Women
Women that choose anchor tattoos are usually saying that they have a dominate unchanging personality, and remain steadfast or clam in difficult situations. The first depictions of anchor tattoos were done by early sailors and associated with invulnerability and achievement, women that choose this design could also be holding true to those original values.

Options are somewhat limited with this design as the anchor symbol needs to be recognized. To add personality most women will wrap the anchor with other images, staying with a nautical theme, most place ropes, water, or compasses to express unchanging direction in a constantly changing world. You could also add flowers, snakes, or vines to express other facets in your personality.

The color and size of this tattoo can really be whatever the woman feels would make the most lasting impression, however, most choose to stay with traditional black or gray and keep the image somewhat small. The design is usually done very intricately with deep solid lines and curves so that it can be the center of attention.

Even though an anchor is a very simplistic design, a woman can easily make it her own to show her resolute resolve in difficult circumstances.

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