Tattoos for Women
Angel Wings
Angel wing tattoos for women have often been considered a religious or angelic symbol and are typical of supernatural beauty and pureness. These wing tattoos are usually expressed as a symbol of piety. However, angel wing tattoos don’t always have to belong to a religious idea, as angel wings can have a personal meaning for any woman who has them.

Wings often symbolize alacrity which represents independence and hope. Women can also express a sauciness or innocence in her angle wing tattoo. Just looking at a pair of wings can bring a feeling of magnificence, peacefulness, and comfort.

Angels are symbols of guardians and deliverers, and can evoke a religious vibe. Angel wing tattoos have always been used by artists as symbols of endowment, invulnerability, love, sophistication, and guidance.

Women have many design options and different ways of wearing angel wing tattoos. Wings can be displayed on halos, crosses, letters, hearts, and animals. Lately, and growing in popularity are the angel wings placed on the shoulder blades stretched downward toward the lower back. Wings are easily flexible and sizable enough design to be placed anywhere on a woman’s body.

Angel wings can come in a verity to different colors. Most women prefer white wings to represent purity. Beware the woman who chooses black wings, they are often considered troubling, and can emblemize a fallen or dark angel; these are usually popular with the Goth or gothic crowd. Just remember to be mindful if you decide on a wing tattoo, as they are often said to be a reflection of your inner-self.
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