Tattoos for Women
Ankle tattoos are just that, tattoos that are placed on or around the area of the ankle. The ankle is a very popular place for a tattoo and especially for girls. Very sexy and cute, but easily concealed, the ankle is a great place for a tattoo.

Generally the designs are kept small, simple, and inconspicuous but will draw attention if need be by simply rising up the leg of your pants or lowering a sock. One thing to keep in mind before getting an ankle tattoo is to know that the ankle is a relatively painful place for application. The area is very boney and has many nerves leading into the foot, if the pain becomes too much, considering having yours inked in stages, have the outline drawn first, and then come back later for the shading or coloring.

I must say that most people that decide to go with an ankle tattoo are usually always satisfied with the results. Get some ideas for your tattoo below, and enjoy the fun and attention that goes with ankle tattoos.
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