Tattoos for Women
The sign of the Aquarius represents a positive outgoing individual and is the eleventh sign in the zodiac calendar for people born between January 20th and February 19th. Anyone who decides to gets an Aquarius tattoo feels a strong connection to their place in the stars.

Generally associated with water, the tattoo image of the Aquarius is the letter M or representative of moving waves. Others choose a more whimsical or fantastical approach and portray their Aquarius tattoo as a fairy-like creature or cupid, others base the image off the stellar constellation of a man pouring water out of a jug over his shoulder. Another common Aquarius tattoo design is of a beautiful woman bathing and washing herself in the sea. Understanding the different images that embody your sign is important aspect to help you make the best tattoo decision that describes your personality.

Expressing yourself through your sign is a powerful way to make a statement and show others a lot about your personality. Where else can you use a one letter image and say so much about whom you are, Aquarius.

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