Tattoos for Women
Armband tattoos have been a mainstay tattoo for years; ancient cultures embraced these decorative bands centuries ago, and they have been growing fast in popularly over the last couple of years for both men and women.

Designs can come from just about anywhere but the styles are usually of a cookie cutter like pattern that stretches around an arm or a leg. The most commonly seen designs are of tribal prints taken mostly from the Hawaiian, Polynesian, Maori and Celtic cultures. Armband tattoos have also been known as starter tattoos because of their versatility in terms of discreetness and personality, easily made into your design they can also be reserved and hidden from view with inconspicuous placement.

Even with armband tattoos being such a popular style they will always be fun and can freely be made into your own image and reflect your individual personality; as a matter of fact, most people that choose armband tattoos are happy with them well into the future.

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