Tattoos for Women
Asian tattoos are unique to the culture of Asia and have meaning stemming from modern times to ancient rituals throughout the orient. Being that the Asian culture is so rich with history dating back thousands of years, you would expect that Asian tattoos have a verity of different meanings and influences.

Anyone who decides to get an Asian tattoo is very unique and doesn’t mind attaching themselves to a history of tradition and accomplishment thousands of years in the making. The style of an Asian tattoo have changed over the years, traditional tattoos were done using Tebori where by a bundle of needles were dipped in an ink made of charcoal and patted vigorously over the skin to create deep vivid black lines. This bold shading is now a trademark of Asian tattoos and is kept alive in modern designs in a style now known as chiaroscuro.

The images seen in Asian tattoos can vary as much as the culture with literally hundreds of designs to pick from, most popular are probably Kio fish, Dragons, and the art form known as Kanji. The majority of Asian style tattoos take meaning from Chinese or Japanese folklore but images from around the continents play host a verity of designs unseen anywhere else in the world.

These elegant and amazingly stunning tattoos are for everyone as the Asian culture and penetrated lives through thousands of years of evolution. With things changing so fast in an ever changing world, it’s nice to place faith in an Asian tattoo image that will carry meaning for generations to come.
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