Tattoos for Women
The ancient Aztecs embraced tattoos and body art as part of their culture and they left us with an impressive inheritance of elegant images and designs.

Much is left to be understood about this ancient civilization and the meaning of their tattoos that held such great significance.  Most women that fancy Aztec tattoos wish to embrace the beauty of a lost civilization and envelop themselves in the time and place of a bygone era. These tattoos show the brilliance and mysticism of a primordial people who had wishes as desires just as our own. However, most of the time now day’s women pick these tattoos specifically for their visual beauty.

There are thousands of carved figures in stone and rock to decide from, and choosing one can be very exciting. Many times you get to explore into uncharted territory with your own reason and meaning behind the striking designs. We know for a fact that some of their most important and worshiped images were that of the sun, stars, and moon.

The Aztec calendar is common design seen in tattoos today, this ancient timepiece is said to be so accurate that it can track dates and times better than any clock in the modern era. Everyone knows of the Aztecs, but no-one truly understands their culture, perhaps getting one of these tattoos will bring your spirit closer to these brilliant masters of an ancient time.
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