Tattoos for Women
It's important to note that a barbed wire tattoo has a very different meaning for women then it does for men. For girls barbed wire is mainly a symbol of the crown of thorns representing Christianity, truth, and hope. For men however, barbed wire is a symbol of incarceration and imprisonment, with the barbs or spikes representing years behind bars.

Generally a very simple design the barbed wire tattoo can be worn in a verity of different ways. Popular for girls as armbands or around the ankle one of the best parts of this tattoo is that there is so much you can do with it. The variety of different designs you can create are limitless, as you will often see them in compelling tattoo arrangements always catching the eyes of a passerby.

Let barbed wire tangle your canvas and show people your own personal misfortunes and struggles, while also telling them that you have achieved victory and found faith.
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