Tattoos for Women
Batman tattoos are for those of us who carve their own path and have a darker side to their personality. Wearers of a Batman tattoo often share a troubled past but managed to turn their situation around and now serve the greater good and part of a noble cause. Another reason a person might get a Batman tattoo is for the love of the character, or they might happen to feel a deep connection with the movies.  

There are a verity options available to you if you decide to get a Batman tattoo, probably the most popular is that of the Bat symbol or logo which has just recently become a cultural icon and is pretty much recognized around the world. Other designs include the mysterious man himself in his leather black suit showcasing his dominate male features generally fashioned after the character we’ve all seen from the movies.  

Batman has defined our culture and has grown with generations of comic book readers and movie goers alike. Batman tattoos will always remain as popular and mysterious as the masked man himself.
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