Tattoos for Women
Bear tattoos for women can go in two completely different directions depending on the depiction. There is the menacing voracious bear, or the cuddly, fun, friendly bear.

With Bear tattoos ranging both ends of the field as far as meaning and depiction, a woman that gets a bear tattoo is usually representing her strength, tenderness, and kindred spirit. The most popular of the bear designs is the cute fun bear or cartoon bear, followed by Native American designs which are taken straight from the art of the culture. Bear tattoos can be partnered with many other images to reflect more personality and meaning, often women like to add flowers or hearts and it is not uncommon to see them with butterflies.

Bear designs are very flexible in size and can be stationed pretty much anywhere on the body, giving women many options to add her personality and express strength and wisdom through these fun or ferocious beasts.

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