Tattoos for Women
For girls a bird cage tattoo symbolizes freedom from the trappings of everyday life. Others choose to have a bird cage with birds being set free, meaning that she has decided to let go of the past and is choosing to look forward to what the future holds. Almost always a woman who gets a bird cage tattoo will get it for personal reasons.

Popular placement includes the back and thigh, and many times girls will surround their cage with things like flowers or bird feathers. Others like to add things like a bird feeder to show that they have lived a sheltered life up to this point and have been force feed things like a religious beliefs. Options are as abound as feathers and findings something that works for you can take some thought.

For girls who are capable to thinking on their own and no longer wish to be held down by the rules and laws of her past or mainstream society, a bird cage tattoo might just be exactly what she needs to open her cage and free herself forever.
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