Tattoos for Women
Women have always loved the beauty of Birds. Bird tattoos are an interesting pick and they mostly reflect a story, not the most popular choice for females but very interesting and meaningful in their own right.

Bird tattoos vary in significance depending on the type of bird chosen. Bald Eagles usually represent American pride, while selecting a Dove could suggest love and a guided soul. With so many bird designs to pick from make sure to do your research on the feathered creature you choose. There are also Tribal and Egyptian bird tattoos that could carry a religious meaning or cultural significance.

Bird tattoos can overflow with meaning for a woman. Bright colors are said to represent hope and a high spirits, while wings spread wide and in flight say that you are outgoing and spontaneous, setting them together and perched may suggest that you are introverted and your personality is waiting to be brought forth. Having multiple birds of mismatched styles and configurations can represent the many different fascists in your character.

Whichever bird tattoo a woman chooses it will always be a symbol of freedom and show her connection to the heavens and sky.

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