Tattoos for Women
A Buddha tattoo is generally displayed to show ones faith to Buddhism. Representing peace of mind and strong connections of determination through character development, the Buddha will always be symbol of self-actualization and spiritual enlightenment.

The Buddha tattoo is raising fast in popularity as we all search for something to believe in and connect with the world around us. The style of a Buddha tattoo can range widely. Most prefer a traditional Buddha like statue with rich colors done is gold or bronze with expressive hues of elemental pigment representing earth, wind, fire, and water. Other deigns are more cartoonish in style, and show a happy playful Buddha displayed laughing and boisterous with a jubilant like feel. Other representations of a Buddha tattoo include eyes with a spirally nose line below, Bodhi trees, and Buddha’s foot prints showing the path to enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.  

A Buddha tattoo often carries a deep meaning to the wearer and the appeal can stretch to anyone, but for those who choose the path to self-fulfillment through Buddhism, there can be no-other.
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