Tattoos for Women
Bull tattoos are generally symbols of strength and power, aside from the zodiac and astrological associations of Taurus, a girl that chooses a Bull tattoo is making a statement and telling onlookers of her strong personality and bull headed nature.

Most bull designs are done in a realistic style of a bull’s head with its eyes in a fixed mean like stare atop a boldly obtrusive stance with flaring nostrils and horns pointing outward as if it were ready to charge. Other women prefer to get a bull tattoo after their astrological sign in the heavens and get the image of Taurus printed onto their skin; this design is usually compassionate and less mean looking with softer features and overall friendly appearance. Sometimes you will also see cartoon bulls with over exaggerated features to help more define its meaning and role on a woman’s canvas.

Bull tattoos will always be a mirror into a woman’s true nature, so even if it’s picked as zodiac connection or simply on its magnificent beauty, a bull tattoo will always be symbol of expression that comes from the heart.

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