Tattoos for Women
Practically every woman loves bunny rabbits; it’s easy to have a fondness for these fun loving furry friends, and their tattoo image can range from sexy and cute to playful or erotic.

A bunny rabbit tattoo can say many different things to onlookers, most show a woman’s, intelligence, athleticism, and friendliness. Growing fast in popularity is the playboy bunny tattoo; this suggestive image is designed to display a woman’s playful spirit and sexy-ness, with an underlying hint of eroticism.

Placement and sizing of bunny rabbit tattoos can also play into their expressiveness and add more flare to a woman's personality; flexible sizes and shaping ensure there arrangement anywhere on the body. Colors are usually done in traditional black and white, but pink and brown coloration's are on the rise. The design can be intricate with deep shapely lines or done as a simple stamp like print.

Bunny rabbit tattoos will always have a place on a woman’s canvas. This expressive furry companion is a very enjoyable design that is rich with many different emotions and expressive feelings that will surely last a lifetime.

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