Tattoos for Women
Calligraphy tattoos are a special language art form written in fancy text or cursive for a specific language. These tattoos are considered very elegant and expressive and can represent or mean anything you wish to say. Most are one word phrases that are close to the wears heart and have personal significance to whom they grace.

A unique feature of all calligraphy tattoos is their strong and flowing lines in a continuous connected stretch of beauty and amazement. They almost seem to flow from the skin itself and sensualize features of the body adding an elegant and sensual appeal. There are literally thousands of different forms of calligraphy but a handful have risen as favorites and are probably the most commonly seen forms, these include cursive script, running font, and chancery hand; with each type carrying its own singular allurement while allowing the wearers decide which fit is best for their canvas.

In summary I don’t feel that you can go wrong if you decide to get a calligraphy tattoo, as I’ve personally never seen one that I didn’t like or adore.
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