Tattoos for Women
Cancer tattoos generally signify a woman’s place in the stars as her astrological or zodiac sign. Generally depicted as a Crab, but on rare occasions it could also reflect girl’s crabby nature or tell onlookers to beware.

There are many different designs and styles of caner tattoos, the most popular probably being the glyph sign which is shown as two crab claws facing each other in opposite directions and looks like two sideways number 9’s. Other tattoo designs are simply of a crab print similar in style to a tribal like stamp. Different coloration patterns are abundant in a cancer tattoos but most women decide to keep it simple using a basic black pigment. Locations are usually on the ankle or leg and are kept small in size for easy concealment.

Considered a very sexy and elegant design for girls, cancer tattoos will always be timeless and reflect your place within the stars.

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