Tattoos for Women
Candy tattoos are really fun and have a sexy and sweet undertone that can make them a strong tattoo choice for girls of all ages. Rarely seen and not the most popular tattoo, candy tattoo can quickly find uniqueness and show a fun, sassy, and sexy side to your personality. Often over looked is how erotic and attractive candy tattoos can be, many consider them unsexy but as you can see the tone and placement make for a very intriguing combination.

There are many different types of candy tattoo designs and choosing the right one can take some thought and consideration. Are you a cupcake? A tootsie roll? Or a lollipop? The choices are endless and they can all be cute in their own special way. Candy ice cream tattoos can also be fun and exotic and are starting to lick their way onto many a female canvas. Candy tattoos are also known for the bright and vibrant colors and can often have brand recognition that can take onlookers back to childhood times of their favorite candy and spending time at their local candy store. Cupcakes are one of my personal favorites as a cupcake can say how sweet of a person you are, and adding topping such as frosting or sprinkles puts more of a flare into your personality. Another nice feature of a candy tattoo is they can be sized and placed just anywhere on the body, and the placement itself can add to a sexual undertone that is unmatched with eroticism and fun.

Remembering that candy tattoos can invoke strong childhood memories and be sensual to the point of erotic gives them a wide range of reasons to be placed on your canvas, plus, everyone could always use a little sweetness in their lives.

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