Tattoos for Women
Capricorn tattoos are for anyone born between January 15th and February 15th this tenth sign of the zodiac is represented by the horned goat and personifies people who are considered highly focused, intelligent, sure footed, and have an extroverted personality. The main star in the heavenly constellation is Saturn and the myth surrounding this creature has lore that dates back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. The adaptation of horned goat came from the myth that the god Zeus gave a normal goat horns and place it the stars for nursing him as a young child.

The main tattoo symbol that depicts a Capricorn is the image of the letter N with the top side drawn up and around to represent a tail and the bottom leg curled up in an S like sweep that
exemplifies the head and horns of a goat. The second most recognized emblem of a Capricorn is the actual goat itself, often times drawn in a mythical or whimsical form drawing inspiration from oil painting of the magical beast from the Middle Ages. These tattoos are usually very decorative with elaborate detail and vivid colors and sometimes will lead to a Gothic approach to the design.

Being that Capricorns are notoriously driven perfectionists, selecting a Capricorn tattoo will undoubtedly take some time and thought. Make sure you select the right image that mirrors you most, and play your individualism into the design, because your Capricorn surefooted nature will always place you on the right path.

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