Tattoos for Women
Celtic Cross
Celtic cross tattoos are steeped in heritage and are one of the most recognizable and popular tattoos seen on the human canvas. Both decorative and spiritual they can be applied for ascetic reasons or show faith in the unknown and a belief in divinity.

Celtic cross tattoos date back to Christianity’s early beginnings when the Celtic people converted to the Christian faith. These cross tattoos are generally done very elaborately and are often seen with Celtic knot work woven into the pattern and a ring shaped circle where the beams in the cross intersect giving them their distinctive look. This circle shaped design and woven knot work is said to represent Christ's halo and everlasting life.

These Celtic cross tattoos will always remain beautiful pieces of art, so whatever your reason for placing it on your canvas happens to be, you can always know that showing your faith, heritage, or belief in Christ will be a popular and magnificent decision that you can live with for eternity.

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