Tattoos for Women
Celtic tattoos for women are starting to gain ground and are seizing approval as a very cultural and beautiful tattoo.

There are many different types of Celtic tattoo deigns for women; the most popular seems to be the Celtic knot that symbolizes the spiritual path we all must take in order to obtain self actualization and self fulfillment. You may also see Celtic butterflies, crosses, and trees with an assortment of animals which could represent anything from finding ones soul, faith, and heritage to strength and fertility. Celtic tattoos are very self impressive for a woman and much research should be taken before selecting a design. I would suggest that every women study definitions in Celtic art and search for an expression that represents her personality.

The Celtic tattoo is very flexible in size, shape, and design and can be fit anywhere on the body. The color of most Celtic tattoos is black and white but sometimes a single color tone is done to add more emotion. Any women looking to express her Celtic culture and homage will surely find something available as there are hundreds of designs to choose from.

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