Tattoos for Women
For girls the chest tattoo is a very intimate location as it is close to the heart. The chest design is said to represent what is closest to you. Girls tend to get an upper chest tattoos for obvious reasons. The upper chest toward the neck is more easily displayed through low cut shirts so it’s not difficult to broadcast your ink to the world. The chest tattoo can also be an excellent way to bring greater attention to your cleavage, so be mindful that people will often stare when you choose to showcase your art.

Chest tattoos for girls are becoming more and more mainstream as the percentage of women with tattoos continues to rise. The average of number of girls tattooed in general is now up to one in six and that number just continues to surge.

The chest tattoo will allow you to be your best, and can put you beyond the rest, as long as it’s above the breast. Enjoy your chest tattoo!

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