Tattoos for Women
Chinese tattoos and art have become very popular recently due to the many celebrities showing this decorative art and writing on their bodies.  For women, Chinese tattoos can be very elegant and beautiful in design, and can express a world of emotions.

There are many different symbols in Chinese art and they all have a verity of different meanings. The most popular are the Yin and Yang, which represents balance, purity, and the strife to achieve self-actualization. The other popular image found is the Dragon, when you see a Dragon tattoo it usually is a symbol of power and mystification, although many women will get this figure purely based on its beauty. Also seen are the other eleven animals from the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Chinese writing is also becoming common with sayings from old Chinese proverbs.

Chinese tattoos for women are very individually unique and everyone woman that gets one has their own reason; they can be very expression and show who you are, or what you want to become; a symbol of heritage, or power. What makes a Chinese tattoo a good choice for any woman is there variety, coloration, beauty, and simplicity. Remember that these tattoos show strong emotions and will always be attractive.

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