Tattoos for Women
Christian tattoos for women have always been a controversial subject. Some Christians believe that the body is God’s temple and shouldn’t be disgraced with images. While other Christians choose tattoos as a way to express their devotion to the faith. This debate will always rage on, but the beauty in these expressive pictures will be forever undeniable.

Most women that have a Christian tattoo decided to make it plain and simple, commonly you will see small to medium size holy crosses, or scriptures from the bible, other women simply decide to imprint the verse and numeral from their favorite book. Sometimes angels or the image of the Jesus fish will be seen, options are abundant and expressive with these tattoos that show a belief in a higher being.

Any woman with a strong devotion to the Christian faith should consider one of these tattoos, as tasteful and timeless designs they will always remain as a symbol of your personal morals and principals.

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