Tattoos for Women
Four Leaf Clover
Four leaf cover tattoos on women always represent good luck. The legend of the four leaf clover started in Ireland and they are commonly connected with leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold.

Women consider four leaf covers so lucky because of there rarity. They are actually a genetic mutation of the shamrock which has 3 leafs. Finding one is nearly impossible, but the women who have are said to be given a life time of good luck and happiness.

Choosing this design is fun and playful and actually gives you verity of options to make it your own. Women can add flowers, designs, shapes and even names in and around it to add personality and a touch of individual identity. However, the color choice is usually limited to green or black and white.

Any woman can enjoy the luck that the four leaf clover tattoo brings, and she doesn’t need to be Irish to appreciate its rarity and beauty.

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