Tattoos for Women
Clown tattoos are a very unique choice for women and are rarely seen on the female canvas, however, when they are spotted they usually symbolize humor and a playful light-hearted spirit towards life.

The most common depiction of a clown tattoo is that of a jester or joker, generally drawn in a playing card style with a tightly fitted suit, long toed shoes, and a pointed rag style hat. Faces are usually full of emotion, big smiles and hard laughs are the theme, sometimes painted white with a mime like appearance. There are two different distinctive clown tattoo styles for women to choose from, there is the fun playful and innocent clown, and or the evil clown counterpart and picking which direction you wish to go can be very exciting.

For women clown tattoos will always represent a touch of personality disproportionate to reality and provide a hidden demeanor that will surely draw a onlooker’s captivation.

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