Tattoos for Women
Compass tattoos are generally associated with navigating the obstacles of life and have connections and symbolism relating to stars, birds, and other seafaring emblems. The most common reason for someone get to get a compass tattoo, is to represent a turning point in their life, or to show a particular path that they are trying to follow.

The most commonly seen design of a compass tattoo is of that of simple pocket compass. Often the wearer will emphasize the design with a large heading bearing north, representing that their life is going in the right direction, but the opposite can be said if the hand points South. Others choose to add a nautical star to the viewpoint in which the hand is facing to symbolize that they are following the path of righteousness. It is also not uncommon to see a compass tattoo with other navigational objects such as sextants or cardinal points bolting in different directions.

Always to be associated with finding your way in a crazy world, the compass is a nice grounding tattoo options that will bring depth to any canvas, and provide a starting point for the journey to enlightenment.

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