Tattoos for Women
Dagger tattoos are very meaningful and generally represent a sacrifice that a woman has made in her life, also sometime used as a symbol of protection, dagger tattoos display a toughness toward dangerous situations and are a very popular design when combined with other images such as flowers and hearts.

Most dagger tattoos are drawn in a portrait style design with either a heart, flower, or skull being piercing through the center. Generally when the dagger is seen through a heart it represents a lost love or a rejection of romance. When seen with flowers it usually symbolizes betrayal and pain, and if the dagger is through a skull, it generally represents death or danger. On other occasions daggers tattoos are inked on medical professionals is the form of the caduceus, this design is a dagger wrapped by two snakes spiraling around the blade and has been used as a symbol of medicine since ancient times.

With dagger tattoo being such a course and meaningful design of raw emotion, these beautifully crafted pieces of art will always find their way onto a woman’s canvas.

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