Tattoos for Women
Daisy tattoos are an impressive choice for girls of all ages. Universally representing peace and serenity, these flowery tattoo designs are considered very fertile and are rarely seen on the opposite sex. Also recognized as a symbol of vanity and feminine beauty when tattooed onto a woman’s canvas, daisy flowers are a truly fun design.

Picking your color and deciding on your arrangement will take some thought and help your personality to shine. Choosing red generally shows boldness and youthful energy, while selecting blue touches a softer side and lets everyone know that you’re spiritually in touch with you feelings. Yellow says you are cheerful and intelligent while darker colors paint a more sexual and seductive image attracting mystery. White of course means purity and is probably the most popular color for women. Designs are done as single blooms, small chains, or large bouquets, leaving room for daisy’s to be tattooed just about anywhere on the body. Remember to have fun, enjoy, and choose wisely.

With so many options it’s easy to see why daisy tattoos are such a popular and beautiful choice. Adore yourself however you see fit, and let this amazing bloom flourish your skin for a lifetime.

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