Tattoos for Women
This Mexican religious holiday has sprouted in popularity over recent years and laid the ground work for a new style of tattoo, the Dia de los Muertos or day of the dead face painting. During this celebration women paint their faces to resemble a skull, which actually has a very positive and significant meaning in the Mexican culture and symbolizes mortality and the cycle of life. The sugar skull tattoo is another new addition this holiday has brought to the tattoo community. For more information on sugar skulls visit my sugar skull page here:

A relatively new style of tattoo as compared to others, the day of the dead skull face painting designs are generally drawn over the face of a beautiful woman set in a vulnerable pose or moment showing a over heightened level of femininity. Most are graceful and gorgeous and will captivates onlookers with a fascinating beauty and appeal.

These hauntingly beautiful images boil over with sex appeal, display a provocative mix of emotions and are said to sometime depict a woman's symbolic reflection of herself, a nameless face setup in a landscape of fleeting decay and beauty.
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