Tattoos for Women
Death tattoos can come in many different forms and representations for women, some see death as a cycle of life and use their death tattoo to celebrate the spirit and make us aware of the path that all living things must take. Other girl’s use death tattoos as memorials to friends or loved ones who have passed away, and some prefer to use these sinister tattoos to reflect a darker side of their personality. With so many options available in a death tattoo it can make for an interesting and unusual choice.

Some examples of death tattoos are portrait style memorial tattoos, tarot cards with the symbol of death, grim reapers, hour glasses signifying the time that we have left on this planet, and skeletons which take a more mythological approach. Others prefer to take a religious tone and use symbols of gods like Osiris or angles who greet us into the afterlife. Colors are generally dark and bleak, but death tattoos are usually drawn very eloquently and make use of exceptional designs that can grab onlooker’s attention and display emotion.

Every woman has her own reason for getting a death tattoo, but more than likely the tattoo will be more about life. Carrying one of these death tattoos will give onlookers and the wearer a greater appreciation for living, and help them in holding on to those who are most beloved.

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