Tattoos for Women
Deer are one of the most dainty, agile, and graceful animals in the world, and can carry a very feminine and sexy appeal. Often times the deer is associated with innocence and shy reclusive nature and can embody a woman’s actual attributes.

Deer tattoo designs can be depicted in many different ways; probably the most common is that of a realistic looking deer head facing outward with a long gaze, soft features, and a peaceful expression that can often captivate an onlooker’s attention for lengthy stretches of time. Occasionally you will see Native American design to reflect a girl’s heritage or show cultural pride. Another style is of the fun and playful cartoon deer, drawn with oversized features and gleaming with emotion. Generally colors are soft with definite lines and sometimes antlers are displayed to show a majestic beauty and express a tougher side of the personality.

No matter which deer tattoo you pick, you can always take confidence in the fact that it will be seen as gentle blend of nature’s wild side with innocence and beautiful feel that will express deep emotions.

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