Tattoos for Women
Demon tattoos for girls generally represent the battles between good and evil in a woman’s life. Once considered taboo on females the image of the demon is now becoming a more acceptable design as girls begin to explore the darker or evil sides of their personality.

These demon tattoos can range from many different types of images from dark lore antiquity. The most commonly seen designs are of devils, gargoyles, skulls or mischievous fiends that toy with a girl’s personality. The color tones for demon tattoos range from bright bold chromatic or monotone pastels depending on the style and direction of what you want to portray. Often seen on girls are the cute little sexy demon, or pin-up style devil girls. These tattoos are generally hidden from view or easily covered and only shown to those you allow to gaze into the more darker or devilish side of your inner character traits.

Choosing to show the blackened side of your personality can be a bold and invigorating statement for any girl, but beware of the dark side, as it is known to lead to a destructive path of self-torment and sexy despair, and it will always be displayed in your demon tattoo.

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