Tattoos for Women
Diamond tattoos are a girl’s best friends, and incorporating a diamond into your canvas can make a strong statement of personality. Diamond tattoos can be taken in a verity of different directions, some say that diamonds represent love and compassion but diamonds are also the hardest stone know to man and can show a tough exterior wall or thick skin. The meaning of a diamond tattoo is truly up to the wearer and how person chooses to display it. Some say that it can also represent extravagance, but a diamond ring tattoo symbolize everlasting love through marriage. Whatever your reason for getting a diamond tattoo, make sure to let it shine!

The design of most diamond tattoos are simple basic outlines of the gem showcasing its gleaming qualities. Often times the diamond will be displayed with words like unbreakable or strength. The design can be used as a focal piece or as a complementary piece of side art to become a beautiful addition to anyone’s canvas. Despite being a fairly simplistic design a diamond tattoo can also be very elaborate and detailed orientated. Other popular designs that people like include with their diamond are crowns, money, rings, and hearts symbolizing everlasting love and affection. Also seen are 3D images of diamonds, these are great attention grabbers and can captivate an onlookers for minutes on end. The most popular places for a diamond tattoo are the ankle and finger, other choose to take a more seductive approach and place them on the lower back, upper thigh, or right below the underwear line for a more sexy appeal.

This everlasting unbreakable stone forged from carbon under presser has been loved for thousands of years across every continent and cultures alike. So deciding to add a diamond tattoo to your canvas will always be a strong recognized choice for generations.

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