Tattoos for Women
Probably surprising to most women, dice games have been around for thousands of years, long before they landed in the games we know and see today. Girls who roll the dice and decide to inked on a dice tattoo are generally thrill seekers and risk takers that enjoy the high of a good adrenaline rush.

There is actually a lot you can do with a dice tattoo, you can have two dice facing up showing the numbers four and three adding up to a lucky seven, while other women could choose snake eyes or double ones which can represent a loss or distrust. Many dice tattoos are not shown as solo pieces, but are often incorporated as part of a larger design of the same theme. There are also a verity of styles of dice to choose from that stray from the standard black and white dot dice we are all used to seeing. Women can have heart shaped dice, rounded dice and even a set of old warn dice to show how long you've been in the game.

If you're a gambler and love taking chances, a dice tattoo could very well roll-up onto your canvas long before your luck runs out.
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