Tattoos for Women
Dove tattoos take on either a spiritual or more traditional meaning. To the religious the Dove represents the Holy Spirit as part of God’s trinity, and on the traditional side it symbolizes peace and hope. However, many women choose to twine the two meaning together to give their dove tattoo an overall sense of peace and spirit.

This beautiful white bird of purity can be display in countless design patterns. Many girls prefer to keep their dove tattoo simple and elegant, drawn in a classic outline, sometimes adding a rising sun in the background, symbolizing a peaceful journey to eternity. Other depictions are of realistic looking doves of peace or love shown with their wings spread open and flying, often seen carrying something in their beak for a long lost lover. Colors are almost always done in black and white, and frequently the bird will be shaded in a pure white ink.

Dove tattoos will always bring a message of peace and hope, and this bird’s significance on a woman’s body will tell the story of her journey to happiness hidden within.

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