Tattoos for Women
Dragonfly tattoos are a very popular choice for women, mainly because of the dragonflies clam friendly demeanor and beautiful configuration. These delicate creatures of flight are often said to represent a woman’s freed soul or spirit, and have a beautiful way of refracting light to bewitch onlookers with a prism of colors, captivating the senses with emotion.

Women that choose this design have plenty of options available as dragonfly tattoos can come is so many different styles. Common designs include simple elegant patterns to complex and abundantly colorful configurations. It’s easy to be imaginative and reflect individual personality within this graceful insect and its flexible size and shaping make it easily placed anywhere on a woman’s canvas.

In some cultures the dragonfly is considered sacred and symbolizes compassion, wisdom, nimbleness, and courage. Now it’s easy to understand why this design is so popular with women and will remain a wonderful expressive creature for years to come.

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