Tattoos for Women
Women commonly adore Eagle tattoos, this symbol of freedom, patriotism, and American admiration has had its roots set in our history for over two hundred years.

The eagle’s striking design is depicted in many fashions, but by far the most popular is that of the American bald eagle. These huge and powerful predatory birds are frequently displayed in full glory with their wings spread wide and soaring through the air, beckoning onlookers with the spirit of independence and creativity. Also seen are eagle tattoo head shots, which are sometimes drawn with flags or red, white, and blue pennants streaming in the background.

Colors are usually taken from the bird in nature but detail plays an integral role with the expression and emotional feel of this great flying animal. Spare no expense to make sure the design is exactly what you are looking for.  

Any woman that decides to place an eagle tattoo on her canvas will always be recognized as an unmistakable icon of pride and freedom.

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