Tattoos for Women
Ear Tattoos are interesting tattoo because they aren’t widely seen on women, and in general they are considered a major tattoo for getting a girl attention. It’s a great way of letting people know about your personality and love of tattoos without inking your face.

Ear tattoos are unique in the fact that most are done very small, yet are usually very detailed in design, a high quality artist is required and one that preferably has lots of experience on working with ear tattoos. The placement of an ear tattoo can range from the earlobe, around the ear, back of the ear, inside of the ear, or you can choose to tattoo the entire ear itself.  The ear is defiantly a place where creativity can run rampant. The shaping in or around the ear can be tricky and deigns or images will often need to be stretched or pulled to conform to your ear. Work closely with your artist to find something that fits you and your ear alike.

Make a statement with your ear tattoo and get noticed. Sporting an ear tattoo with always put you a cut above the rest.


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