Tattoos for Women
Egyptian tattoos are a very unique as they are taken directly from the art and symbols of the culture. Women that decide to get this tattoo are usually fascinated with the ancients and have a long standing respect for tradition and history.

Tattoo designs include hieroglyphic symbols, writing, and idols of from the golden age of the Egyptian civilization. The most commonly seen designs are the Ankh which represents eternal life and happiness, and the scarab which symbolizes creation. Many different signs and symbols are available and choosing one that suits your unique character should be a fun and exciting prospect.

Any woman considering a Egyptian tattoo design should remember to do her research. Egyptian history buffs are on the rise, and you wouldn’t want your design to mean something different than the beautiful image you thought it represented.

Egyptian tattoos are very expressive and more than likely you will be asked about their meaning, so be prepared to talk and impress your friends with your knowledge of this ancient culture.

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