Tattoos for Women
Elephant tattoos are not the most common choice for females but they carry a certain majestic feel and charm that only these towering tyrants can possess. Generally representing wisdom and strength these magnificent beasts ascend over many other animals in symbolism and meaning.

The elephant tattoos can be taken in one of two different directions when it comes to style and design, choosing between a realistic image or deciding on a cartoon style will set the tone for emotion or personality traits a girl wants to display. Cartoonish designs are generally more playful and have hints of sexiness and eroticism, while going with a traditional realistic style represent more of the core personality traits of the majestic beast. Elephant tattoos can be a very fun design and can even sometime have a spiritual meaning that is associated with many eastern religions.

Even if elephant tattoos are not the most popular deign for women it’s not because of their lack of personality or meaning, it’s just that they are all too often misunderstood.

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