Tattoos for Women
Eye tattoo are great for watching your back or letting others know that you’re watching them. The meaning behind an eye tattoos comes from ancient tribal cultures that would paint eyes on their foreheads or shoulders to let their pray know that they wouldn’t have a chance of escape. Getting away can be hard if you have a third eye and sometimes even fourth watching you. The meaning has changed slightly over the years and now an eye tattoo is usually considered a symbol of protection.

The design of an eye tattoo can actually vary greatly and you can take many different approaches, most people prefer the standard looking eye, but others go tribal or Egyptian with their designs, another popular look is the lady like eye, which makes use of a seductive eye with long lashes and an ever gazing stare. Eyes are very expressive, and adding eyebrows can bring different emotions to the overall look and feel, for instance, placing the brows in a V between the eyes can tell onlookers that you are angry or adding C’s around the eye can say that you are curious. So when choosing an eye tattoo make sure to you pick your brows carefully.

Eye tattoo have been in style for centuries and I don’t see them leaving us anytime soon but remember to keep an eye on how you place and style this design, as its gaze will last a lifetime.

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