Tattoos for Women
Fire tattoos are mostly symbolic of life and passion and help give direction to a woman’s spirit by lighting her path. Other meanings may take a more destructive approach or reflect a major transformation in a woman’s life and represent a rebirth of the soul.

Rarely used as a solo image on the canvas, fire and flames are usually combined with other pictures. The designs and styles of fire tattoos can very as much as their meaning; there are small flames, large sweeping fires, fireballs, and tiny candle like blazes. Fire tattoos can also come in many different colors to reflect more individual personality and help portray more emotion, chose orange or red flames to show passion or go blue and white to represent a calm demeanor and purity. A great starter tattoo, fire can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body and the artful look and feel of these flames can bewitch onlookers with captivation and awe.

Fire is a core element that can mean the difference between life and death, and having a fire tattoo will always carry your strength and flame your passion for whatever you desire.

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