Tattoos for Women
Females have always loved the images of a fish. Fish tattoos can have many different meanings depending on the type of fish and coloration selected.

Koi fish tattoos have been rising in popularity and usually reflect a woman’s courage and charm. A gold fish could mean you have a kindred spirit and treasure a long life, while Betta fish represents a female’s trapped personality and aggressive temperament. Other less frequently seen fish usually correspond a calm and peaceful demeanor.

There are also religious fish tattoos that symbolize a divine belief. These are usually seen in Native American and Greek tattoos and can suggest a devotion to faith.  

The color of your fish tattoo can also say an abundance, matching red with a Koi fish design says that you remain courageous under pressure and rise to the occasion, while blue suggests that you take a more calm approach to situations. One common characteristic among most fish tattoos is there bright vivid colors.

Whatever fish tattoo design or color you choose, make sure it is one you can live with forever and embodies your female persona.

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