Tattoos for Women
Flash tattoos are artist designs that are becoming extremely popular for their uniqueness and imaginative qualities. Good flash tattoo artist are in high demand and getting them to draw you up a unique design can often be a trying task that can cost you extra time and money. Commonly an artist will just take a stencil book and ask you to pick a design; in doing this you are almost certain that someone else will share your same tattoo. This is fine for some people, but most everyone that I know likes to have their tattoos be as unique as possible to help set them apart from a crowd. Custom made designs or flash tattoos are also one of the best ways to make sure that than image captures your individual personality.

Often times a flash design can become mainstream and gain popularity and momentum from the wearer giving the flash artist notoriety and putting them in high demand. These are the artist that you might want to seek out to design your custom tattoo. Often flash tattoo can come from other sources and don’t necessarily have to be drawn by the tattoo artist themselves. A painter, draft drawer, a friend or even you can be a flash tattoo artist. It’s important to note that if you bring in another source to design your tattoo that your tattoo artist understands how to transpose the image and apply it to your skin.

Flash tattoos are the best designs for uniqueness and personal identity, but always be mindfully aware that if you pick something great, it can often catch fire and become a mainstream design, so keep your artist close and your custom made flash tattoos even closer.

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