Tattoos for Women
The Fleur De Lis is mainly a french design associated with the royal arms of France. Raising fast in popularity it is seen today in many Eastern European flags and cultures, and has even found it's way onto the state flag of Louisiana. Representing honor, wealth and royalty it is a lively design for women of all ages.

The design is simple and beautiful, composed of only three flower petals drawn outward and then coming together and drawn at the base, it makes for a stunning recognizable image that is identifiable everywhere. Don't let the simplicity of this design fool you into thinking that you can't make it your own, there are many variations and coloration's to decide from to make it unique and still not loose it's definition.

The Fleur De Lis has appeared in painting and artwork from hundreds ago and has stood the test of time as a decorative ornament to any canvas it adorns.
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