Tattoos for Women
Flower tattoos rank high as a favorite among women. They are beautiful, feminine, and have many different meanings. The Rose for instance, is a design of purity and can represent love. While the Lily means good fortune and luck along with re-birth and peace. Adding a flower to your canvas can definitely reflect your personality and make a statement for the woman who wears it.

Women who promise to be faithful to their love might surround there flower with ivy, or ones who consider themselves lucky will usually have a chain of flowers all connected together.

Flower tattoos are fun as you can make them in a verity of different shapes and sometimes just a simple small one can make a profound statement. They can be bright, back and white, large, small, climb or hang, and be very individually expressive.

A woman can convey many feelings within her flower tattoo. Sticks and leaves with a soft glow, could mean self-actualization and happiness. Designs can also be copied from nature that can express feelings of peace and serenity.

It is also common for women to mix flowers and twine them together with important symbols in there lives. Flowers around religious emblems are popular images in both art and tattoos. Every flower carries its own unique set of characteristics. The most important thing to understand is your flower tattoo can make a statement to who you are and express emotion to the wearer and to others.

Flowers have a vibrant history and allow so many options that any woman can surely find an adornment to suit her.

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