Tattoos for Women
Foot tattoos are meant to enhance the beauty and features of the foot. Very popular with women and girls of all ages, foot tattoos have great appeal and can increase physical beauty. Foot tattoos are very easily hidden and can come out in strappy dress shoes or sandals pretty much anytime during the year, for a very sexy and erotic look. With the right choice in a foot tattoo it’s easy to create a foot fetish for yourself and onlookers alike.

Before deciding on a foot tattoo keep in mind that the foot is an very difficult place to ink and the area suffers from constant skin chaffing, long days hiding away in a shoe can take some of the luster out of the design and you will most likely have to get the tattoo touched up every few years as lines and colors can start to blend together. Most tattoo parlors say that the most commonly requested foot tattoo design is of flowers, closely followed by stars, ivy and climbing vines. Many times all of these images will appear together in a total foot tattoo. Another popular foot tattoo is the toe ring design, which mimics an actual ring without all of the headaches and discomfort associated with cleaning and wearing the ring everyday.

All in all foot tattoos are very sensual and exciting and can bring a flare of personality to the wearer. I like to show hints of my foot tattoo at the office to get an ever so slight amount of attention, and trust me, people do notice. So get your sandals out, and enjoy your foot tattoo.

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