Tattoos for Women
A fun way for a woman to express her love of a child in a contemporary and current style is for her to get a footprint tattoo. Getting your little ones footprints inked onto your canvas is very adorable and loving. It demonstrates to onlookers that your children are a priority in your life.

Footprints are generally taken by the hospital at the time of a babies birth and passed along to the mother as a keepsake. From there copies will be taken to a tattoo artist to have them transposed into exact replicas to be tattooed. Often times a mother will have the babies date of birth or the child's name placed around the footprint. As gaining popularity are colored footprints, blue for boys and pink for girls. Favored placement includes the upper back, arms, and legs.

A stunning symbol a footprint will always remind everyone that you are a proud mother and that family always comes first.
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